We specialize in the sale of rear axles for cars: Peugeot, Renault and Citroën for private individuals and professionals. All the rear trains proposed by our company are renovated in accordance with the original quality.

Indeed the parts used for the renovation come only from manufacturer of the original equipment. That's why, after renovation, the longevity, appearance and technical condition of our rear axles are comparable to a new rear axle. Unlike our competitors we grant a three-year warranty on our axles.

Our production unit allows to carry out large series of axles without return of your old rear train in order to respond as quickly as possible to the demands of our customers. All the rear trains offered by our company are delivered free of charge with no minimum order in 48-96H. Find the best prices for your rear axles!


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Train arrière 206
Train arrière Berlingo
Train arrière Renault

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Replacement of arm axes

  • Replacement of arm pins (crossheads) (very high quality 60 HRC).
  • Checking the cross-member and geometry.
  • Checking and reconditioning of the seats if necessary
  • Replacing bearings and sealing rings.
  • Checking and renovating the stabilizer bar seat.
  • Checking and renovating the stabilizer bar fixing plate
  • Control of suspension arms and geometry control.
  • Replacement of the new silentblocs.
  • Control of the rocket axis and its thread.

The Franco
price of all axles

The Franco price of all axles
(Peugeot, Renault and Citroën) is 275 Euro H.T. (330 T.T.C.)

Renault Kangoo from 310 Euro H.T. (372 T.T.C.)
Citroën Berlingo from 290 Euro H.T. (348 T.T.C.)
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Rear axles